Water to mitigate climate change: Beyond the obvious

ClimateIsWater Initiative; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; French Water Partnership; International Network of Basin Organizations and World Water Council

Energy is essential to the whole cycle of human water use, from extraction to transport, treatment, and various other uses, including irrigation, industry and wastewater treatment.  Given the considerable energy needs associated with these activities, which are meant to increase with time, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases generated is fundamental.

Therefore, if the role of water is now recognized as a key for adaptation to climate change, the issues related to mitigation also need to be raised in the water agenda. One central message of the international initiative “ClimateIsWater” emphasizes that water underlies many low-carbon solutions. Water can indeed be considered as a renewable source of energy: hydroelectricity comes first in mind. Yet, further solutions such as the improvement of energy efficiency of the water sector and many innovative solutions including energy recovery from wastewater can contribute to mitigation.

This event aims at clarifying the links between water, energy and mitigation and will showcase concrete technical and institutional low-carbon solutions in the field of water. It will take into account the larger international framework including the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Paris Agreement on Climate, showcasing that water is a key connector to reach those ambitious targets.

16:00 Introduction

Dogan Altinbilek, Vice-President, World Water Council

Jean Launay, President, French Water Partnership


16:10 Energy efficiency and recovery: water solutions for mitigation

Climate action in urban water services to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy savings: example of Peru and Mexico

Astrid Michels, WaCCliM Project Manager, GIZ

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with respect to agricultural water

Olcay Ünver, Deputy Director of Land and Water Division, FAO

Energy recovery from wastewater and sludge: how circular economy is part of the solution?

Edouard Boinet, Project Manager, International Office for Water


16:40 Water security: a necessity for low-carbon transition

Better water management to reduce GHG reductions in the business sector

Morgan Gillespy, Head of Water, CDP 

Water for low-carbon energy production

Laurent Bellet, Water and Energy Advisor, Sustainable Development Division, EDF

Focus on water and mitigation in the Nile Basin

Hellen Natu, Regional Manager, Nile Basin Discourse - TBC


17:10 Facilitated discussion

17:25 Wrap-up

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Tuesday 16:00-17:30
NL Music Hall / Musiksalen
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